Business Law

26 November 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Business Law

The Sachter Law Office, PLLC can counsel you on which business entity is best for your needs. You will learn the difference between types of corporations, as well as other entities such as LLCs and sole proprietorships. Choosing the right entity for your needs from the start can save a great deal of money and prevent headaches down the road.

The Sachter Law Office, PLLC reviews, negotiates, and drafts contacts for your business. By drafting clear, easy-to-understand contracts, we will help you avoid conflicts, and should one arise, make resolution straightforward.

Dispute Resolution:
Although people do not typically enter into business relationships expecting disputes to occur, they can arise. Should your business find itself involved in a dispute, The Sachter Law Office will help you resolve the problem as efficiently as possible. From more typical settings like the courtroom to alternative dispute resolution settings like arbitration, the Sachter Law Office, PLLC is an effective advocate ready to fight for the resolution you desire.

Intellectual Property:
The Sachter Law Office, PLLC can help you protect your intellectual property. Examples of these services include filing trademark applications and searching to make sure there are no conflicting trademarks.  We also counsel businesses in the early phases of formation to choose branding most likely to be protectable as intellectual property.