The Sachter Law Office recognizes that with pricing for legal services, there is no one size fits all solution. Rather, flexible options are used depending on the specific needs of its clients.


The time investment needed for certain legal issues can be unpredictable. For these cases, a traditional hourly fee is appropriate. A classic example of this type of case is family law issue. How much or how little work will be required often depends on the actions of the other party, so the shape the process will take from start to finish is usually impossible to accurately predict. With hourly fees, however, no charges will be incurred by the client without them understanding fully the work required and consenting before the work is done. This fee structure may also be combined with below pricing options when the specifics of the cases allow it.

Flat Fee

Some legal services are relatively predictable. For these situations, a straightforward flat fee can be appropriate. For example, the preparation of trademark application is straightforward and relatively uniform regardless of the specifics. Therefore, these tasks can be priced with a simple flat fee for completion of the work.


Some clients prefer to reduce legal fees by handling portions of a legal issue themselves. The Sachter Law Office can assist these clients by limiting its scope of representation through what are known as “unbundled legal services.”

“Unbundling” means the attorney breaks down the individual tasks involved with a client’s legal matter and provides representation to a clearly defined portion of these tasks based on the client’s specific needs.

Although this is a rapidly growing pricing mechanism, not many outside of the legal field are familiar with its specifics. Please feel free to contact the Sachter Law Office if you have any questions.